Saturday, November 17, 2007

This is my craft room.

This is my corner.

This is my lover district.

This is our references!

I so wanted to have a craft room for a long time .
Now i do!
Well I have to share it with Darling Lover, but i don't mind , because he is not here at the moment . But can you see my problem, i need more space! More cupboards , more shelf, more everything really!
If i carry on like this i will have to invaded the garage! Or built a conservatory! Would love to do the second option really. Would love to paint the box room. ORANGE is getting into my head! So i am thinking a lighter colour. Like a peach or Magnolia, or cream maybe. Any suggestion?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kirigami pour mon Valentin


Last week i order a book about Kirigami , i was so thrill to receive it so soon . As you know i love anything to do with paper . I am sure you have seen the usual little people holding hand decoupage, but it's much more than that : It 's a very ancient art from the Japan . Kirigami mean cut paper , it's very symmetrical technique as you fold it and cut it after. The idea use and the explanation of the technique was very good but it was lacking on template, so i started to research them with Google.( Lovely search engine i must say). Well i have been utterly satisfied about it. Now i should try and design my own. So here what i found , the site is call the lady who own it is Mrs Pat Kelley . As today is Valentine's day , this post is dedicated to my dear lover .

PS : To Mrs PAT KELLEY, I sincerely apologise for using your pictures ,i had no idea that i would be upsetting you, i have been very thrilled about your website this why i have mention it. I thought my friend would have like to know . Really sorry , i will try my best to connect each image to your site.I have sure learn my lessons.